rolling sphere fountains,stone globe fountain

 Stone globe water fountain--Granite ,marble spherical ball fountain weighting 

upto 1500 kg rotates with water pressure .It is unique of its kind.Rotating
ball look like a rotating globe with water circulation system .It is a toy
of childran,enjoy of youth and elegent for the digntaries at garden,main
entrance,hall office etc.

Ball Fountain

Has a granite ball floating on a pressurized stream of recirculated water.

This rotating globe is recommended for use in main entrances, shopping
centers, gardens, etc.

It has a unique/special feature of having geometric center perfectly
coinciding with the center of gravity.

We can etch the map of the world or any other design on the ball as per
customer requirement

Granite floating sphere fountain is a perfectly balanced, polished stone
sphere that fits into a socket (base) carved to the exact curvature of the
ball. The sphere revolves 360 degrees in all directions and actually floats
on a thin film of water.
Water is pumped up from beneath the socket, lubricating the ball and forcing
it to turn gently-no belts, no pulleys, no rubber wheels! It operates at a
surprisingly low pressure-around 10 psi. Once started, the ball continues to
turn until the water is shut off. However, even a child can stop it, change
the direction of spin, and set it on an accelerated twirl.

The space between the ball and the socket is about 8/1000th of an inch-too
small Any motif or design can be engraved.

Size of Marble ball Diameter is Available :
1 feet =.30 Meter 2 feet=.60 Meter 3 Feet=.90 Meter 3.28 Feet=1 Meter
4 Feet=1.2 Meter 5 Feet=1.5 Meter 6 feet=1.8 Meter 6.6 Feet=2 Meter