Granite Floating Ring Water Feature - Product Information

A stunning granite floating ring water feature. The granite ring has the illusion of floating as the contained pump circulates the ring round and round. The feature is available in many colors and sizes. Use the concept in the photograph to design your own feature, you can change the colour of the base, the colour of the sphere; or even add a rotating ball to the center of the ring! This product is made to order; therefore delivery takes approximately 8 weeks. The price of this fountain is subject to the size you require and also the material, each type of granite / marble has a different cost price, however the fountain will cost in excess of 1000 USD

Key Features

  • Rotating stone ring.
  • Low maintenance
  • Unique design concept
  • Create a Wow factor


  • Any size available, please contact us for a quotation on  email  our support department.


  • Granite / marble water feature.
  • base stone/plinth stone
  • Water pump 
  • Installation Instruction