Granite kugel ball fountain 16 inch to 120 inch diameter.

Solid granite Kugel ball with a globe etched on its surface, rotating on a thin stream of water The rotating 1500 mm diameter green sphere sits on a raised base of black granite surrounded by a porous pavement of local basalt. The sphere rotates on a film of pressure water and its direction can be changed by the touch of a hand.
The color and wave pattern of the sphere promotes the water theme and reflects  logo and corporate colors. The sphere promotes water conservation as it uses very little water and even recycles the rainwater that falls upon it. The sphere and base weigh over 10 tonnes. This 10,518 pound granite ball floats on 1/64 of an inch of water and can easily be stopped and spun in another direction.
Try It! The Ball is inscribed with a Globe.

The ball is a sphere of granite, approximately 3/4m in diameter, floating on a dark base. It has an attractive and complex appearance. A curved bench partially surroundings the ball, approximately 2m back from the base. 

It is easy to start the 'ball rolling', even with one hand.

if you want to buy/import ball fountain in your home garden please email us