Granite balls


Granite balls are made from worlds Hardest Indian Granite.
Granite ball and Granite  globes attractive piece of natural craft. A large granite spheres floating on a film of water and rotating freely.Stone spheres a Eye catching Garden fountain .This Granite ball will Decorate your Garden.

Our Indian floating ball fountain are all one of a kind because we are one in indian stone sphere fountain supplier , and can be custom made for your unique needs.  The marble ball fountains can be for interior or exterior application, and can have bases either in cut and polished granite/marble or free form natural boulders.  

Floating sphere Garden Fountains have a eye catching look that blends in effortlessly with nearly any type of landscaping design style. The granite spheres catch the light beautifully as the water pours out from a central spout and into the basin below. Sphere garden fountains make eye-catching decorative water features for the yard or garden, and come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes.Rotating ball water feature sizes  in 16",18",20",24" ,30",36",40",48",60",72",84",96" inch .


A perfect round garden stone ball of  black stones floats on water in its rock base.

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marble balls
marble balls